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In December 2002 RWTH Aachen University, in co-operation with us, offered its first workshop on intercultural communication. Student response was so great, and participant feedback so positive, that this workshop has since then been held regularly.

These highly popular workshops provide you with a transparent structure for understanding the "cultural logic" behind how different cultures meet and build relationships, discuss and solve problems, make decisions, teach and learn, offer help and hospitality. Equally important, the interactive approach trains you to develop the practical skills needed to act with confidence and competence in unfamiliar or unexpected situations. The effectiveness of the workshop lies in that it addresses exactly those typical situations of frequent misunderstanding and difficulties in adjustment for any student (outgoing German student or incoming foreign student to Germany) going into an unfamiliar academic and social environment.

In attending these workshops, which are a joint initiative of the RWTH Alumni Team and the University's International Office, you will not only prepare yourself for a more effective academic stay or internship abroad. The workshop takes you far beyond the superficial dos and don'ts of etiquette and even conventional language skills, and provides you with a solid foundational basis of knowledge and skills that will prepare you for the same problems once you enter your professional career. In particular, if you are a foreign student of the RWTH you are also member of an important target group. You will equally benefit from one of the main focusses of the seminar: understanding the German communication style, why it differs from those of other cultural groups, and how foreign students can better adjust to both the German academic communication culture and society at large.

What's in the workshop?

The application- and practice-oriented workshop is designed as a "hands-on" two-day event which will take place on consecutive days and be given in English. Drawing on real-life case studies, group activities and role-playing simulations, the workshop provides opportunities to apply the knowledge and tools acquired. A Certificate of Participation will be provided after the workshop.

Who is the trainer?

Alexia Petersen, M.A. (Canadian) is an international trainer of intercultural communication and works with numerous academic institutions and commercial organisations in Germany and abroad. In addition to her own very multicultural background, she brings to these seminars her extensive professional experience of making the widest range of cultures accessible for the audience.

Who should join?

Where do you sign up?

Check here for information on how to register for this workshop.

Any questions?

In case you have any questions about the workshop and can't find an answer in the Workshop FAQ, feel free to contact us.

Workshop video

In 2009, the Alumni-Team produced a short introductory video during one of the workshops and published it on YouTube. Here's the video, with commentary in German:

For more videos relating to RWTH Aachen University, check its channel on Youtube .

RWTHinsight: "Gegen den Kulturschock"

A short article on the RWTH Workshops on Intercultural Communication, titled "Gegen den Kulturschock" ("Against Culture Shock"), has been published in issue 3/2004 of "RWTHinsight". "RWTHinsight" is the university's magazine for members and friends of RWTH Aachen University, and is available from the university's press office . It can also be accessed in PDF form online .

Workshop article

Why are knowledge and skills in intercultural communication important for students? What does the RWTH gain by offering such workshops to its students? Read the article below, it outlines the reasons for such courses and was written on the occasion of the inaugural workshop.

Intercultural Communication Workshops at the RWTH: Extending the Concept of Literacy

Workshop flyer

Would you like to pass on the information above to somebody else? Would you like to put a notice about the workshop on your bulletin board? The above information is also available in form of a flyer (PDF format). Simply download it here, and email it or print it.

Download/view flyer (PDF format)

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