RWTH workshop contents

Course Outline for the 2-day Workshop on Intercultural Communication at RWTH Aachen University

Day 1

Start of session: 9:00h

I. Introduction


II. Theoretical Groundwork

Lunch break

III. Case Studies: "Mapping" Cross-Cultural Conflict Interfaces (Group activity)

Break End of Day 1: 18:00h

Day 2

Start of session: 9:00h

I. 1st Performance Task


II. "International English": the Hidden Conflicts in Cross-cultural Dialogue

Lunch break

III. 2nd Performance Task

End of workshop: 17:00h

Notice: This agenda is intended for general orientation purposes. Due to the interactive and situational nature of the seminar process, individual topics are not always precisely segregated from one another and may not adhere strictly to the scheduled sequence. Maximum learning effect and the needs of the participants are the guiding factors.

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