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We offer introductory lectures, seminars, workshops and consulting tailored to the specific needs of general staff and executives. Our target groups include all those which need to perform and communicate competently at the international level.

If you're interested in joining us for one of our seminars and workshops, be sure to also check the list of events and dates.

The main concentration of our services lies in the following areas:

Our services and activities deal with the following topics which can be variously combined to meet the needs of the individual customer:

These topics can be presented in short, compact lectures, or be integrated into longer multi-part or multi-day seminars. Such seminars are very practice-oriented and provide not only necessary conceptual background information and helpful tips, but also draw heavily on both case studies as well as the personal experiences of the participants. Workshops are designed to focus on and practise very specific skills and can feature round-table discussions based on participants' analysis of personal past experiences. In addition to these services we also offer (if required, long-term) consulting to individuals, groups and companies.

We offer our lectures, in particular a condensed version, in both German and English. The seminars and workshops, however, are given in English in order to maximize communication practice in the English language. Participants should, therefore, possess a level of English that would enable them to not only follow the seminars but also to participate in discussions. Those participants who will most benefit from our courses are those who are both motivated by discussions and interested in looking at old things through new "cultural glasses".

Our services: presentations, seminars, workshops, and consulting

We tailor our seminars and workshops to your specific needs and issues. The following range of our services offers you an overview of our activities and focus. We will be happy to provide you with concrete suggestions for the contents as they apply to your needs.

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